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About us

We are Alan and Suzie.  We have three grown up children, three dogs, four cats and some hens. 

We started caravanning in 1989, when our eldest daughter was just a few weeks old.  Over the following 30 years, we made lots of memories from our family holidays in England and Wales. 

We lived on the south coast which meant, whenever we went anywhere, we had to go around the M25.  In 2013, we decided to leave the south, and we moved to Lincolnshire. 

This was also the year we bought our final caravan.  It served us well for another five years, but felt we were restricted as to where we could go and for how long.  Weekends away were too much of a hassle, so we didn't do them very often.

In 2018, we traded our lovely Lunar in for a 2005 Autotrail Cheyenne.  This gave us a new freedom.  It was easy to just hop in on a Friday, and disappear for a weekend.  It also meant we were able to visit Scotland for the first time - something we had always wanted to do.

The Autotrail served us well, and we travelled many miles around the UK but it was becoming difficult making the beds up every night, with our health issues. So, in 2021, we upgraded.

On the 18th November 2021, We collected Harry the Hymer from SMC Motorhomes in Newark.  

Harry is a 2017 Hymer Exsis T 598 and we love him to bits!

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