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Day 7 Our first full day on Barra

We left our overnight park up and headed to the end of the road to the honesty cake shed where we bought some cakes before heading back to the visitor centre to put our donation in the honesty box.

We headed back up to Castlebay where we visited the Barra distillery. They had an offer on their gin liqueurs meaning I could buy the rhubarb and the strawberry one. After this, I popped across the road to get a few bits from the local coop.

We drove back up the western side of Barra, stopping at Craigston, overlooking the bay, for our morning drink.

We ended up back at the airport for lunch, and saw another plane come in to land.

We decided to check out the three sites to the north of the island and chose to stay at Scurrival. We found some hard standing up by the converted bungalow and called Angus, the owner, to make sure it was ok to stay there. He popped down to see us a bit later. He's a really nice guy and he said we could stay as long as we could. We were the only ones on site.


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