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Cuil Bay

After yesterday's events, we wanted somewhere that we knew would be a good stopover, so we headed for Cuil Bay. This was somewhere we found by chance, last year, when looking for somewhere to stop for lunch. There are signs saying it is private land and overnighting is allowed at a cost of £10 a night, so we knew we would be able to stop there.

We left Last night's parkup and drove down through Campbeltown and back up the west side of Kintyre. We found this a more scenic drive than going down the east side.

Today was also without its issues! We were charging one of the EcoFlows while driving along and had it plugged into a cigarette lighter adapter so we could still run the sat nav. While driving along, the sat nav suddenly turned off. I looked and found the EcoFlow had stopped charging as well. I pulled the adapter out and burnt my finger on it. The end of the adapter had melted and was giving off a burning smell! I plugged the EcoFlow directly into the cigarette lighter, and it still wouldn't work. The burning adapter had obviously blown a fuse. Luckily (although we didn't think it was lucky at a time), the same fuse had blown a few weeks before we left home and Alan had looked up which fuse it was and how to change it. This had taken quite a bit of time but meant that, when the fuse blew today, Alan knew exactly what to do. We found a lovely place to stop while Alan removed the headlamp, changed to fuse, and got everything working again. I didn't think about it at the time, but I should have recorded it to put on our vlog, as it may have helped someone else.

We continued up the rest of Kintyre and stopped at Lochgilphead to buy some lunch. I found a little shop called The Square Peg Sandwich Bar. Another shop I would recommend.

From here, we continued up to Oban where we stopped at M&S to do some shopping. I also popped into Pets at Home to buy some doggie treats.

From here, we went straight to Cuil Bay. We spent the afternoon watching all the birds and walking the dogs along the beach.

We walked 8,472 steps today.

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