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Findhorn Motorhome Stopover

Today, 11th March, we headed towards the north coast of Aberdeenshire.

From Cuil Bay, we headed up to Fort William. As we were leaving Fort William, there were signs up saying 'troops in road'. It wasn't long before we were on the end of a queue of traffic following the troops. They were marching to the Commando Memorial. Not sure if it was a special day or whether it was just one of the things they do as part of their training. This is the Commando Memorial.

We continued our journey up the side of Loch Lochy and the Caledonian Canal to Fort Augustus. Whenever we have driven through Fort Augustus, it has been manic, with crowds of people everywhere but, today, it was very quiet, so we decided to stop. There is a huge car park, with special parking for motorhomes. I went to pay but parking was free for the first half an hour, which is plenty of time to go and take some photos of the Neptune Staircase locks.

We walked along, took some photos, went into a gift shop to buy a fridge magnet and some miniature jars of whisky marmalade before going back to the motorhome.

We continued our journey along Loch Ness to Inverness and on to Findhorn. Findhorn motorhome stopover is a community run stopover, providing parking for 21 motorhomes or camper vans. It has a fresh water supply, a drive over waste water drain and a chemical disposal unit. It costs £15 a night to stop there. You book and pay online, and the barrier has a numberplate recognition camera so only lets in people who have already booked. There was one other motorhome there over night. This was the first night since Caerlaverock, where we were not on our own.

Fantastic walks over the sand dunes and along the beach. I went out to do some filming, once the tide had started going out. Up towards the mouth of the river, there were loads of seals! I wasn't too sure that's what they were to begin with, as I was looking into the sun, but I pointed the camera and took some photos, hoping they would show what was there. They confirmed they were seals.

I walked 10,631 steps today.

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