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North Glen Sannox Car Park

Today, 7th March, we continued our drive around the island. On the approach to Lamlash, we found a shop called Arran Fine Foods. There was a narrow bridge over a stream to access the car park, but it was wide enough for Harry to get across. It was a good little shop with many local produce. We bought a jar of Arran marmalade, a jar of Arran rhubarb and ginger jam and a jammy shortbread each. Definitely worth a visit if in the area.

From here, we made our way back, through Brodick, to the little car park on the coast that we visited yesterday. We sat and did some bird watching and had our lunch here.

Finally, we made our way back to North Glen Sannox car park. There was only one motorhome and a car there, when we arrived, both of which left soon after.

Another peaceful night. When I took the dogs out before we bedded down for the night, I shone the torch up the hill behind us, and there were three pairs of eyes looking at us! We knew there were deer here as, when Wizard in the Wild arrived at this spot, last autumn, in the dark, there was a stag standing in the car park. I would've liked to put the wildlife camera out to see if they came visiting in the night but, when staying off grid, we don't have anything outside the motorhome so, in an emergency, we can just drive away.

We walked 5,877 steps today.

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