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Our last night

We had considered staying an extra night at Maragowan CAMC site, as it was so nice but we woke up to heavy rain and, looking at the forecast, it was going to stay that way all day, so we decided we would head home early.

We left the site and headed south. We needed to do a fuel top up, so stopped at Asdas at Cumbernauld, on the outskirts of Glasgow.

It was a horrible day. It was raining and windy, so we decided, rather than driving all the way home, we would go back to Caerlaverock Castle Corner Campsite for the night. Having stayed here the first night of our holiday, we had wished we had some birdseed to put out so, next time we went shopping, we bought a feeder. We haven't had anywhere to hang it at any of our parkups, so I put it out here, not expecting anything to come. We had a blue tit to begin with, closely followed by a tree creeper and a nuthatch. The tree creeper didn't stay around but the nuthatch did, and a second nuthatch joined him. We also had other blue tits, great tits, coal tits, a robin and blackbirds. By the morning, it was almost half empty! When I went to bring it in, the birds were all still coming to the tree. I couldn't upset them, so I put the feeder back up and left it there for them! Other birds seen or heard were five jays, yellowhammers, curlew, a woodpecker tapping, hundreds of barnacle geese and hundreds of Bewick swans.

We thought there would be less people here, this time, as our first night was a Saturday night and today was a Thursday, but it was full up with the 6 vans allowed.

This is a brief blog, just to explain our final days. I didn't even take a photo of our last night.

This completes our blogs from our March trip to Scotland.


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