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Pladda Island View

Today, 6th March, we went for a drive around the island. We stocked up with shopping at the co-op before driving north from Brodick, around the coast. We parked up at a car park recommended by Roaming in Raymond and Wizard in the Wild. We stopped for a while and saw plenty of birds (including divers, rock pipits, robins, wrens, wagtails, swans, oystercatchers, cormorants, greater black backed gulls and merganser) and a seal bobbing about.

We continued up to Sannox, where we wanted to look at the possibility of spending the night at the Sannox north picnic area near the Sannox Pony Trekking place. It looked a lovely spot but, unfortunately, it had been taken over by travellers so not somewhere we would stay.

Next, we looked at the North Glen Sennox car park which had been recommended by Wizard in the Wild. This looked ideal as a stopover for another day. We stopped for a while to have lunch and to walk the dogs.

Our next stop was Lochranza Castle. The views were spectacular. Perfect place to take some photos.

From here, the plan was to go to the Kings Caves. Unfortunately, we were not able to get there as the road was closed and we were diverted up a single track road to the B880. The diversion worked in both directions which meant we came face to face with a lorry coming the other way! Luckily, Alan was able to reverse back around a couple of bends until we got to a point where the lorry could pass. Watch out for the vlog of this to see how well Alan did! When we joined the B880, we had a choice of going back to Brodick, or to follow the diversion and return to the A841 near Blackwaterfoot. We decided to do the later, and continued round to this car park overlooking Pladda Island. This was another recommendation from Wizard in the Wild. It was a lovely quiet night and an ideal spot for walking the dogs.

We had been watching the weather forecast as many places were having a fair amount of snow. One forecast showed heavy snow on the island for early Thursday morning, all day Thursday and into Friday. As we had the ferry booked for Friday evening, we did not want to get stranded somewhere and decided to book back into Auchrannie for Wednesday and Thursday nights, so we were within 5 minutes of the port.

Today, we walked 8,275 footsteps.

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