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Return to Auchrannie Resort

Today is the 8th March. Due to heavy snow being forecast, we booked into Auchrannie resort again, for tonight and tomorrow night, so we are near to the port to catch the ferry on Friday evening. On our drive back to Brodick, we stopped at the Isle of Arran Brewery and bought some beer and some cider. After this, we stopped at the Arran Cheese shop where we tasted some of their delicious cheeses. We bought three cheeses - one with garlic, one with pickle and one with whisky - and a box of Wooley's oatcakes.

We stopped in Brodick, behind the coop, and I went to explore some of the shops. I found a nice gift shop called Inspirations of Arran, where I bought some coasters and started our collection of fridge magnets. I found Wooleys bakers, where I bought some lunch, which was delicious. I can highly recommend this bakers if you are ever in Brodick! I popped into the coop to get some provisions. We had lunch in the car park before taking the dogs for a walk.

On arriving at Auchrannie, I went to book in and visited their shop. I bought a little Auchrannie teddy for me and a miniature of Arran whisky for Alan.


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